The arkose Florin — 50mm silver case with silver dial and silver Bracelet.

Understatedly unique. A masculine look, striking a balance between polished and brushed stainless steel. Deliberate simple lines and a 50mm case give this timepiece a sense of practicability yet remaining unique in the only way a genuine COINWATCH® can.

Technical Details
  • Coinwatch Dials

    Genuine Dials

    Genuine pre-decimal circulated coins are processed and manufactured into the unique dials featured in our timepieces. We assemble each watch to order allowing you to choose a specific year displayed on the dial of your watch.
  • Coinwatch Dials

    Commemorative Dials

    Where a desired year is not available in a genuine dial, we fit commemorative medallion dials. Beautiful replicas of the original iconic coins.
  • Coinwatch Dials

    Dial Types

    Whether it is the plating or the type of coin, our watches feature many different types of dials. Available dials varies from series to series. You can browse our watches by dial type to view different dials in different watches